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18 december 2020
En bild som visar text, himmel, utomhus, transport

Automatiskt genererad beskrivning

Har du funderat över bilderna från IS/daesh i Irak och Syrien? De åker alltid i nya vita Toyota pickups.

Hur har de kommit över/köpt/fått dessa?

Jo, det skall jag berätta: Det är USA, med den av Norge utsedde Fredspristagaren till Nobels minne, Barack Obama som i ett tidigt skede inte bara försåg IS/daesh med dessa fordon utan också försåg dem med vapen och ammunition. Via stöd med vapen, ammunition och fordon till s.k. moderata grupper (proxy grupper till IS/daesh), vidare till Nusrafronten, al Qaida och slutligen till IS/daesh.

Där finns också svaret på varför man inte valde att skicka den amerikansk arméns Hummer. Den hade tydligt pekat på avsändaren. Vita toyoya pick ups är i det avseendet neutrala. De talar inte synligt om vem avsändaren är.

Varför och i vilket geo-politiskt syfte har Barack Obama valt att stödja krafterna IS/daesh som försökte slå sönder Syrien (på samma sätt som Irak och Libyen) och avsätta den lagligt valda Bashar al Assad? Vilken stat i regionen tjänade på detta?

Brittiska The Telegraph har, bland andra, skrivit om detta. Så vitt jag vet inga svenska media. Ett konkret exempel presenteras här:

”Ett stort bakslag för Amerika… den nya gruppen från Division 30 som kom ut i fält igår lämnar över alla vapen till Jabhat al-Nusra” skriver Abu Fahd al-Tunisi från Nusrafronten på Twitter och förtydligar: “De lämnade över en mycket stor mängd ammunition och medeltunga vapen och ett antal pick-ups”.

Enligt Abu Khattab al-Maqdisi, en annan medlem av Nusrafronten, har Division 30:s befäl, Anas Ibrahim Obaid, förklarat för Nusrafrontens ledare att han lurade amerikanerna eftersom de behövde vapen. Och enligt organisationen The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), som övervakar militära rörelser i Syrien, ska 75 krigare ur Division 30 ha korsat gränsen från Turkiet in i Syrien i måndags, utrustade med 12 fyrhjulsdrivna fordon bestyckade med maskingevär och ammunition.


The Elephant in the Living Room: The Communist Origins of Modern Antifa

29 februari 2020

The following text is the translation of two speeches given by General  Nick Z. Glasnovic in January 2020 in the Parliament of Croatia. Transl. by T. Sunic. General Glasnovic is an MP in the Croatian Parliament

Starting from the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, all the way to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1988, communist regimes all over the world killed tens of millions of people. Those mass killings were carried out in the name of equality, democracy and tolerance. Most of those killed were victims of “self-genocide” given that they were mostly victims of their own countrymen. Such criminal communist insanity had been planned to the last detail. Wherever the communist cabal had come into power, i.e., from Mongolia to the Adriatic coast, the most vital part of the population had to be beheaded first.

In an effort to destroy the Christian tradition, communists had to remove the Church and the clergy. During the early communist revolutionary post-World War II fervor, religious leaders were often burned alive, or buried alive, or crucified alive. The Bolsheviks, in 1918, buried alive the Russian Christian Orthodox  Bishop Andronicus. In 1937, the  Russian theologian, mathematician and inventor, Pavel Florensky, after being subjected to torture, was executed by the Communist authorities. He was one of nameless 750,000 victims of the NKVD (Soviet secret police). He was shot in the neck at the height of the communist repression, later to be known as Stalin’s “Great Purge.” In addition to killing millions of people of various religious denominations (mostly Christians), more than 110,000 clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church were executed. Even the Red Army needed to be partially beheaded. Stalin executed several Soviet marshals, generals and tens of thousands of lower rank officers during the 1936–1937 purges. In 1931, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, which could accommodate up to 10,000 believers, was blown up by Stalin’s thugs. Books by foreign authors were burned or banned. In 1940, after Stalin had dismembered the Baltic states, literature in vernacular languages in those countries ​​was also banned.

Brainwashing was an integral part of all communist regimes, with psychiatric experiments on prisoners becoming a daily routine. Politically incorrect thinkers were confined to psychiatric wards where they were drugged, tortured and questioned. The Soviet NKVD and, later on, their smaller post-World War II copycat East European outlets shortly after they were established began to experiment with nerve poison, a method used later to “neutralize” political opponents, both at home and abroad. Prisoners were killed by mustard gas, ricin and digitoxin. After years of imprisonment, the Archbishop of the Ukrainian Church Theodore George Romzha was killed by a curare injection.

Nor did communism spare scientists, especially those who had obtained some prominence in the fields of genetics and forensics. The biologist Nikolai Koltsov, a Russian pioneer of modern genetics, became a victim of communist poisoning in 1940. On the same day, his wife committed suicide. Many Soviet pseudo-scientists, including a famed hoaxer Trofim Lysenko, who had rejected Mendel’s laws of heredity, succeeded in setting back for decades all efforts in genetic research in Russia.  Some modalities of the Lysenko’s quackery can be observed today among many Antifa and LGTB outlets who claim that gender and race are a matter of free choice and are not influenced by heredity.

In the early days of the communist experiment, the method of weaponizing food against their own people was also widespread, as was observed on the massive scale during the great famine in Ukraine in the 1930s. The mandatory communist slogan in the early 1950s, enforced all over communized Eastern Europe, went something like this:  “We shall grow wheat from the heavens so that hungry America and England can see it.” In order to suppress the revolt in May 1950 in the Cazin region of what is today a small slice of northwestern  Bosnia, the Yugoslav communist strongman Josip B. Tito, sent units of the Yugoslav National Army to quell the rebellion of starved peasants.

The Memory Hole

Victims of the Communist mass terror don’t seem to be a favored theme of Hollywood movies, docudrama, and TV series. These horrors are presented as little more than a minor footnote in history textbooks.  What do graduate students in the West know about Vasily Blokhin, the NKVD executive responsible for the execution of more than 7,000 Polish officers in the spring of 1940? What do Western students  know about  the fate of Ljudevit Jurak (1881–1945) and Eduard Miloslavic (1884–1952), two Croatian forensic experts who studied the mass graves at Katyn and Vinnitsa, hired in 1943 by the German Wehrmacht to examine the bodies of Poles massacred in 1940 by the Soviet commissars?   What do Chinese students, or for that matter Western students, know today about the “Great leap forward” and the “Cultural Revolution” (1966–1976) of Chairman Mao Zedong which nearly destroyed 3,000 years of Chinese history? The dead hand of Marxism and Leninism still extends over the European continent, albeit under the new label of “antifascism.”  Former communist affiliates and their latter-day antifa progeny have now rebaptized themselves into Social Democrats and Liberals. Former Yugoslav Titoists and their descendants in Croatia haven’t disappeared; they operate now under different party names, using more digestible parliamentary paraphernalia such as the “HNS” (Croatian People’s Party) the “IDS” (Istria’s Democratic Assembly), and the “HSS” ( Croatian Peasant Party).  The much vaunted Council of Europe resolution 1481, adopted in 2006 and condemning communist crimes, remains a dead letter, good enough to assuage the guilty consciences of Brussels bureaucrats.

The communist regimes left not only human, economic and ecological devastation. Communist anthropology has distorted the mental makeup of generations to come. Communism had given birth to a species deprived of any moral values, of any sense of personal responsibility, and of any sense of striving for common good. The Russian writer Alexander Zinoviev called this species an “honest liar.” In November 2019, the Belgrade historian Srdjan Cvetkovic visited Zagreb. At a scientific meeting, sponsored by the Croatian Institute of History he confirmed the long-held public secret that 56,000 Serbs had been killed from 1944 to 1946 in Serbia by the victorious Yugoslav Communists. More than 20% of those killed were under the age of 18. The conference, as was to be expected, was ignored by the mainstream media in Croatia, thus reminding us that the authorities in Croatia and her EU watchdog, are the only ones who decide on the political narrative in the mainstream media. What do children learn now in Croatia about the history of the communist crimes against the Croatian people? Nor do they know anything about the largest ethnic cleansing campaign in European history and the destruction of the German minority in the former Yugoslavia during and after World War II. One must not forget that lies and deception were imprinted in the Bolshevik genetic code. Henceforth their offspring consider themselves as the only genuine interpreters of modern history.

The history of Eastern Europe has been mapped out by countless “Naked Islands,” big or small Gulag archipelagos, foibes, and unexplored mass graves. Almost daily the Croat media report on the newly found mass graves  dating back to 1945–46. To this day the ruling class in the West has shown a total lack of personal and legal conscience towards victims of communism. If we give up the search for the truth, we also sign our moral capitulation and we decide to participate in the erasure of our collective memory. It looks, however, that we will have to put up for a much longer time with the communist elephants in our living rooms.



18 februari 2020


Hungary before all else, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed in his state-of-the-nation address delivered on Sunday at the Castle Garden Bazaar in Budapest. He highlighted, among others, that the government had adopted a climate protection action plan, and 2020 and 2021 would be about the continuation of country building.

The Prime Minister started his speech by saying that today, one hundred years after the death sentence of Trianon, he is able to tell members of his audience that “we are alive, and Hungary still exists”.

He added that not only are we still alive, but we have also released ourselves from the clutches of the enemy.

With Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia restored again to national foundations we can find a common voice, and can forge wide cooperation, even alliances, the Prime Minister stated.

History has given the peoples of Central Europe a chance again to build a new system of alliance based on their own national interests, and so we can defend ourselves against threats from both the East and the West, Mr Orbán said.

He also highlighted that the success story of every rising nation begins with the strengthening of self-esteem, while the personal self-esteem of the citizens of countries in trouble can only return together with that of their nations. Therefore, restoring national self-esteem is the key to a nation’s rise, he said.

He recalled the goal of 2010; “let us prove to ourselves and to the world that we are still somebody”. “We believed that either we would find a path, or we would make one. And as the paths designated by Brussels and Washington were not the right options for us, we were compelled to create a new one,” he said, adding that after ten years, he can say “with due modesty” that “we figured it out, and did it too”.

They sent the IMF packing, repaid the country’s debts before their maturity, created 850,000 new jobs, put an end to “freeloading”, put finances in order and gave workers respect and appreciation, families received the recognition they deserved, while large families received even greater recognition, they started the unification of the nation, and linked Hungarian communities forced beyond the borders to the motherland, he listed.

The Prime Minister also highlighted that in the economic reports released by Brussels this week the whole of Europe can read that it seems that in 2019 the Hungarian economy grew fastest on the entire continent

He pointed out that “Hungary was bankrupted by a government consisting of former communists with its liberal policy”. “This example confirms the assumption that there is no such thing as a liberal. A liberal is a communist with a degree,” he said, adding that “had we heeded their advice, Hungary would be lying in a hospital ward, the drains of IMF and Brussels loans would be hanging from our arms, and George Soros would be controlling the tap of loans”.

He said there is nothing exaggerated about this, “having been in this line of business, the business of politics for more than thirty years, I have seen with my own eyes how George Soros tried to plunder Hungary three times”.

Mr Orbán also highlighted that we are again preparing for a national consultation, “we are again driven by compulsion” and we must create points of understanding so that the government has something to stand on, has somewhere to gain a foothold.

The Prime Minister stressed that a situation had emerged in Europe in which “the rights of violent criminals have become more important [for decision-makers] than the rights of law-abiding people”; “they make fun of justice, of the healthy life instincts of honest people, and would defend the perpetrators instead of the victims”.

He said this dangerous phenomenon has also reached Hungary, and we can expect serious disputes and international trials.

The Prime Minister pointed out that “organisations [funded from abroad] forming part of the Soros network and their hired lawyers start masses of lawsuits, abusing the protection afforded by the law, in order to make the state pay violent criminals, and of course themselves large sums from the money of the Hungarian people. The multitude of lawsuits – 12,000 lawsuits – cost billions. We cannot just stand by as onlookers,” he stressed.

Regarding the situation in Gyöngyöspata, he said the case in question began just when Roma families started changing over to a new lifestyle, and the court decision which turned the people of Gyöngyöspata against one another shattered this hopeful process “like a bolt of lightning”. The organisation which instituted the court procedure is also financed by George Soros, he added.

He highlighted that we continue to believe in a Hungary which offers every Hungarian a safe home, and provides everyone with the chance of a good life. We cannot tolerate that origin should be an ethnic stigma or disadvantage; however, it likewise cannot provide any advantage or privilege, and everyone regardless of origin must work for their money.

Evaluating the past ten years, Mr Orbán pointed out facts show that the last 10 years have been the most successful 10 years in the past 100 years of Hungarian history.

He said Hungarians are not used to looking upon themselves as a successful nation. Hobó is right: “we’ve been down for so long we don’t know what it’s like to be up” – he said quoting the singer.

Speaking about the results of the past ten years, Mr Orbán stressed that sustainable growth, against the background of a maintained external and internal balance, had not been typical of any other decade in the past 100 years. And we have achieved all this in such a way that, by European standards, wealth inequalities have remained moderate, meaning that the advantages of growth have also reached wider strata of society, he observed.

They have managed to provide jobs for vulnerable groups, young people, people over the age of 50, women raising children and people with low qualifications. Wages have also started rising: the values of the minimum wage and the guaranteed wage minimum have doubled, in 2019 decisions were made about the largest number of investments of all time, and last year previous export records were also broken. Regarding the latter, he observed that while in terms of the size of its population Hungary is ranked 94th among countries of the world, it is ranked 34th in terms of its exports.

This was achieved by a country of ten million. Is there any more evident proof of talent and diligence?, he asked.

The Prime Minister also said that those who keep “beating up” Hungarian teachers, education and vocational training would do well to exercise more moderation. The workers, experts and engineers who operate the world’s most modern factories here in Hungary “all came out of our schools and universities,” he stressed.

In the past 10 years “we have also learnt that Europe is not in Brussels. We are Europe, and we don’t need to adhere to the expectations of the tired Brussels elite. […] Earlier we believed that Europe was our future; today we already know that we are the future of Europe,” he said.

By his account, today the Carpathian Basin is oozing strength. This strength stems from the recognition that being Hungarian is a good, uplifting and promising thing. “Our nation knows: Hungary first”, he said.

In his address, Mr Orbán announced that this week the government had adopted a climate protection action plan, and they had also created a programme which would help to achieve that by 2030 ninety per cent of the electricity generated in Hungary should be carbon-free.

The Prime Minister highlighted that major steps will have to be taken in order to protect what they have achieved; “the climate crisis and demographic decline are emerging as threats, while ominous clouds are gathering over the European economy as well”.

He took the view that “climate protection has become something of a fashion in politics” and the great deal of empty talk compromises the seriousness of the issue. It is time for action instead of talk, he said.

He observed that the climate protection programme also shows that they believe that they will still be accountable in 2030.

He pointed out that from 1 July they will begin the elimination of illegal waste disposal sites and will impose penalties on polluters. They will ban the distribution of single-use plastics and will introduce deposit return schemes on bottles, plastic bottles and cans, he listed. He added that they will protect rivers from waste coming from abroad.

Mr Orbán highlighted that the government will take stringent action against multinational companies operating in Hungary which will be required to use environmentally friendly technologies. Additionally, in the next two years they will support the renewable energy production of small and medium-sized businesses with HUF 32 billion.

He said they will plant ten trees for every new-born child, and by 2030 the territory of the country covered with forests will increase to 27 per cent. In the next 10 years, they will increase the capacity of solar power plants six-fold. They will support the wider appearance and use of cheap electric cars, and from 2022 they will only permit the commissioning of electric buses in urban public transport, he said.

He stressed that they will introduce Green Government Bonds, and the government will agree to use their proceeds only for climate-friendly programmes.

Informing his audience about the status of the family protection action plan, Mr Orbán said more than a hundred thousand people have received baby expecting loans to date; this was the 10th most popular term Internet users looked for.

The income tax exemption of mothers with four children – making life easier for 40,000 families – has started, the Prime Minister highlighted.

While it did not feature in the family protection action plan, he continued, “we have also managed to take a step, or even two steps forward in the fight against infertility”. The most important goal was to make tests and interventions, and even medicines accessible, meaning free for everyone. Today state service providers are able to take care of everyone who contacts them, he said.

He said it is also good news that between 2010 and 2018 90,000 more children were born than would have been born, had the trends of 2010 continued.

“I know that, after mothers with four children, personal income tax exemption should also be granted to mothers with three children sooner or later. I also know that today, in the first six months after birth, mothers receive 70 per cent of their average earnings in the year before, and this should be raised to 100 per cent, in which case in the first six months after giving birth they would make more money than without having given birth at all,” he said.

Mr Orbán also mentioned the free language and driving tests offered to young people, adding that these should be extended to mothers on maternity leave as well.

The Prime Minister underlined that in 2020 and also thereafter we will have to concentrate all our strength on preserving jobs. We will have to preserve and modernise jobs all at once because if we have jobs we have everything.

Mr Orbán said the European economy, and in particular, the Eurozone has simply come to a halt; 85 per cent of Hungarian goods are bound for these countries. Therefore, their problem is also our problem, he added.

He said in 2019 German industrial production decreased significantly, while Hungarian production increased by 5 per cent. In 2020 and perhaps for years thereafter, we will have to concentrate on preserving jobs. We are aware that at a time like this taxes must be reduced. This is what we are preparing for; we will reduce the tax of small businesses as well as taxes on live work. At the same time, we will preserve the value of pensions as this is what we agreed on with pensioners, he said.

He highlighted that in the world competition never stops; however, Europe seems to want to quit competition and to restrict it within the European Union, also as regards employment and services. At times, one has the impression that “people in the West learnt nothing from our history, and are not aware that socialism destroys nations,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister, if Hungary, the Hungarian fiscal system, social system and labour market “are regulated into the economic order of a United States of Europe” our development, too, will come to a halt. This is why we must be careful with the introduction of the euro as well: “We shouldn’t get on a train whose destination is unknown,” he said.

The Prime Minister also said that 2020 and 2021 will be about the continuation of country building.

He highlighted in continuation that “we can see that the opposition is already preparing. Uncle Tom, Cobley and all as well as the world and his wife are welcome on their team just so that they can climb back into power. They’re already trying on their team outfits. The result is kind of lopsided; we can observe quite avant-garde combinations here. Arrow-cross jodhpurs, red vest on top, with a rainbow badge to boot.”

“Our task is to prepare the nation for the trials facing us in coming years,” Mr Orbán said, adding that “all we can want – but that we do – is for Hungarians to live and to thrive in the welfare and security in their own country that they deserve in return for the work and sacrifices of their ancestors and themselves”.

Standing here after such 100 years is proof of the fact that the Almighty has plans with this country. With due respect, we can only say that we are ready for the call, we are ready for the journey of the next one hundred years. “Hungary before all else, God above us all,” he said in conclusion.

Before the Prime Minister’s address, Zoltán Balog, President of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for a Civic Hungary highlighted that ever since they first started gathering together for the state-of-the-nation address, they have never once come together without hope. Instead, they have always taken on the responsibility that belonging to a civic, national and Christian democratic community entails.

He pointed out that ‘national, Christian and civic’ – these three things together are a promising constellation, a higher order of ambition. Mr Balog said being Christian without patriotism is vain, global cosmopolitanism. Being patriotic without Christianity is paganism, and if civic virtues are left out of everything the quality of life suffers. If we have these three things in combination, we are proud Christian Hungarians with an independent mind, he added.

He said it is good to belong together, it is good to belong here, it is good that in Hungary we do not need special permission, a certificate protecting endangered species to be Hungarian, white, heterosexual, Christian men and women, he underlined. We Hungarians – if we are Christians – respect every person’s dignity, he added, highlighting that incitement to hatred against Christians is rife in many parts of the world, and this is something we must not tolerate.

Also this year guests filled the entire auditorium of the Castle Garden Bazaar; many listened to the Prime Minister’s twenty-second state-of-the-nation address standing. Hungarian flags were hoisted behind the stage, and images of the national flag and the Holy Crown were projected onto the walls around the room. The lectern featured the words ‘For us Hungary comes first’.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)


21 januari 2020

I svenska MSM (inte minst i statstelevisionen) trampas en Trump-bashing-sörja utan några djupare eller bredare analyser. Varför inte börja med grundfrågan om hur president Donald J Trumps åtgärder ytterst handlar om frågan vad de korrupta far och son Biden gjorde och hade för sig i Ukraina.

Hade man velat på allvar granska president Donald J Trump hade man exempelvis kunnat börja med att granska hur hans geo-politik i Mellanöstern är beroende av och styrs från Israel.

Nancy Pelosi och demokraterna är politiska hycklare. I nedanstående intervju på CNN medger Pelosi att hon före Bushs invasion av Irak VISSTE genom information från underrättelsetjänsten att det INTE fanns några ”weapons of massdestruction” i Irak.  Det var ju orsaken som G. Bush angav inför den olagliga och i irakiska liv och förstörelse av landet, kostsamma invasionen.

När hon i CNN intervjun skall svara på varför hon inte då krävde ”impeachment” mot president G Bush så svävar hon markant på målet.

Nancy Pelosi har med sitt underlåtande av att inte ”impeach” G Bush devalverat sin trovärdighet i agerandet emot president Donald J Trump. President Donald J Trump borde inte ställas inför riksrätt åtminstone inte för frågan om Ukraina och de korrupta far/son Biden. Trump kommer dock inte att bli dömd. Men MSM i Sverige gör självfallet det mesta av frågan med direktsändningar och en hoper med förutsägbara PK kommentatorer. Så vevas propagandakvarnarna.

Och president Donald J Trump stärker sina aktier och går emot att bli omvald!



09 januari 2020

Det är i betydande utsträckning den mycket starka zionistiska lobbyn som också är ”well connected in the White House” som styr USA:s politik i Mellan Östern. Så har det varit sedan Lyndon B Johnson och 1963. President John F Kennedy undantagen. Lyndon B Johnson mer än tiodubblade det amerikanska stödet till Israel jämfört med nivåerna under John F Kennedy.

För att illustrera tesen presenteras i denna text några viktiga personer, Jahred Kushner, Willbur Ross och Sheldon Adelson, i den israelisk- amerikanska påtryckargruppen. En fullständig genomgång kräver en bok.

En viktig grundbok i frågan om Israels inflytande på USA:s inrikes- och utrikespolitik är den oerhört väldokumenterade och välforskade är ”Big Israel. How Israels Lobby Moves America. Institute for Research: Middle Eastern policy. Författare: Grant F Smith och publicerad 2016.

Innan vi går in på nämnda personage, ett kort citat av Benjamin Netanyahu: ”I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.”  Tal hållet vid Jewish West Bank Settlers år 2001.


Jahred Kushner.

President Donald J Trumps svärson och en ledande figur i den judiska organisationen Chabad-Lubavitch. Han är Senior Adviser till president Donald J Trump sedan 2017 med starkt fokus på USA:s Mellanösternpolitik.

Vad är då Chabad-Lubavitch?

“Chabad-Lubavitch  is an Orthodox Jewish Hasidic movement. Chabad is one of the world’s best-known Hasidic movements, particularly for its outreach activities. It is one of the largest Hasidic groups and Jewish religious organizations in the world. Chabad-Lubavitch has a messianic ideology.” Källa:

Chabad-Lubavitch är en extremt zionistisk organisation. Jahred Kusher har en ledande roll i den amerikanska organisationen som också är världscentrum för organsiationen. Organisationen finns också i Stockholm.

Jahred Kushner har deltagit i flera politiska toppmöten i Israel med Israels ledande politiker. Jahred Kushner har mycket goda och personliga inklusive familjekontakter med Benjamin Netanyahu. Jahred Kushner representerade USA vid invigningen av den nya amerikanska ambassaden i Jerusalem. Jahred Kushner rapporteras ofta i internationell press också ha mycket goda kontakter med prins Muhammad bin Nayef i Saudiarabien. Källa:


Wilbur Ross.

“In 1976, Ross began his 24-year employment with the New York City office of Rothshilds & Co where he ran the bankruptcy restructuring advisory practice that earned him the moniker ”King of Bankruptcy ”. Källa:

Den erfarenheten fick han användning för senare I livet när han hjälpte Donald J Trump ur en hotande konkurs. Det betalade sig genom att Wilbur Ross nu är handelsminister i Trumps regering. Källan till följande citat är Los Angeles Times.

“When Ross arrived in Atlantic City, N.J., for negotiations in 1990, he found a throng of journalists and curious onlookers eager to catch a glimpse of Trump, according to “The Vulture Investors,” by Hilary Rosenberg. The scene inspired a revelation: Trump’s flashy image had resilience. … Ross embarked on a strategy that helped Trump avoid a personal bankruptcy that could have derailed his unlikely trajectory from real-estate mogul to reality television star to president-elect. … Consider it another investment that has paid off for Ross, whom Trump recently tapped to lead the Department of Commerce. A private equity billionaire who once led a secret Wall Street fraternity, Ross is among the rich, loyal insiders Trump picked for a Cabinet. … The future president-elect at one time owned a quarter of Atlantic City’s casino market. But Trump was heavily in debt and he started missing bond payments on his — and Atlantic City’s — largest casino, the Taj Mahal, in 1990. … Ross, then an investment banker working for Rothschild Inc., helped bondholders negotiate with Trump, whose finances were unraveling. The final deal reduced Trump’s ownership stake in the Taj but left him in charge, and bondholders were unhappy when Ross presented the plan.”

Enligt andra uppgifter fick Donald J Trump behålla 20 procent av ägandet.

“Why did we make a deal with him?” one asked, according to Rosenberg’s book.

Ross insisted that Trump was worth saving.

The Trump name is still very much an asset,” he said”


Sheldon Adelson.

Så till den sannolikt mest aggressiva och farliga krigshetsaren av alla i Donald J Trumps politiska Mellanöstern-entourage. Börja med att titta på följande diskussion med Sheldon Adelson på youtube där han förespråkar att USA skall bomba Iran med atomvapen.

Sheldon Adelson är USA:s tolfte rikaste person och den som donerat mest pengar till Donald J Trumps presidentkampanj. För det fick han betalt genom nära kontakt med Donald J Trump. Middag med presidenten en gång i veckan och daglig telefonkontakt. Sheldon Aldelson är sannolikt den mest inflytelserika av all avseende USA politik visavi Israel och Mellanöstern.

Sheldon Adelson förespråkade att Golanhjöderna skulle erkännas som Israels territorium efter att Israel ockuperat området från Syrien. Genie Energy har jag redan berört i den första artikeln. Så blev det också. USA erkände Golanhöjderna som Israels territorium. Sheldon Adelson förespråkade att USA:s ambassad skulle flyttas till Jerusalem. Så blev det också. Sheldom Adelson förespråkade och förespråkar krig med Iran. Därav mordet på Soleimani.

Ingressen i The Guardian är:

“Sheldon Adelson: the casino mogul driving Trump’s Middle East policy. The Las Vegas billionaire gave Republicans $82m for the 2016 elections and his views, notably staunch support for Netanyahu’s Israel, are now the official US line”

“The imprint of the 84-year-old’s political passions is seen in an array of Donald Trump’s more controversial decisions, including violating the Iran nuclear dealmoving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and appointing the ultra-hawkish John Bolton as national security adviser.” Källa: The Guardian.

Slutsats. Påståendet att den zionistiska lobbyn påverkar och driver USA:s geo-politik visavi Mellanöstern i allmänt och Israel i synnerhet bygger på tunga belägg. Listan på organsiationer, finsansiärer, kontakter och person kan göras oändligt mycket längre men då blir det en bok. En sådan är jag inte beredd att skriva idag. Läs Grant F Smith. 











EN TRAGISK FLYGOLYCKA som för tankarna till IRAN AIR FLIGHT 655.

08 januari 2020

Flygolyckan för tankarna till när G. Bush den äldre sköt ner ett iranskt passageraplan och vägrade ta ansvar.

“Iran Air Flight 655 was a scheduled passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai via Bandar Abbas, that was shot down on 3 July 1988 by an SM-2MR surface-to-air missile fired from USS Vincennes, a guided missile cruiser of the United States Navy. The aircraft, an Airbus A300, was destroyed and all 290 people on board, including 66 children, were killed. The jet was hit while flying over Iran‘s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, along the flight’s usual route”. Källa:

Därmed över till ett aktuellt övergrepp av USA;s president Donald J Trump på ett annat land och dess militära toppgeneral. I vems geopolitiska intresse och uppdrag?

USA och president Donald J Trump dödade den iranske toppgeneralen Soleimani som med ”boots on the ground” tillsammans med ryskt flyg besegrade IS. General Soleimani kämpade inte bara mot IS/daesh utan också mot Al Nusrah, Al Qaeda med flera.

Det var INTE huvudsakligen USA som besegrade IS! Glöm inte att USA skapade IS och beväpnade IS (via Israel och s.k. ”fristående” milisgrupper). USA bombade ofta runt IS-fästen sällan direkt på.

Toppgeneralen Soleimani var vidare den toppgeneral och militär som ledde de militära operationer som gjorde att IS hölls utanför Iran. Därav de massiva miljonhövdade demonstrationerna vid hans begravning. Det var inte ”utkommenderade” demonstranter som statstelevisionen påstod utan några som helst fakta eller belägg. Vad general Soleimani stod för och åstadkommit är sannolikt också bakgrund och delförklaring till att Iran blir allt populärare i Irak medan USA är på väg att tappa förtroende och kontroll fullständigt.

Toppgeneralen Soleimani hade alla viktiga (anti-is, anti-israeliska och anti-amerikanska) kontakter i Mellanöstern och styrde den shiamilis som besegrade IS på marken. Han stödde militärt och aktivt Bashir Al Assad som nu sitter kvar som ledare för Syrien. Syrien överlever som nation och en fungerande stat vilket är utmärkt och positivt geo-politiskt, men tyvärr delvis förstört och bombat. Golanhöjderna har dock Israel ockuperat och lämnat de viktiga och lönsamma oljekällorna till Genie Energy at exploatera. I ledningen för Genie Energy sitter bl.a. J Rothshilds, R Murduch, Dick Cheney samt former CIA director J Moolsey. Israel misslyckades att med USA:s och president Trumps insatser få bort Bashir Al Assad i likhet med mördandet av Saddam Hussein och Muammar Gaddafi. De var tydliga och kraftfulla ledare för länder som nu är helt dysfunktionella och sönderslagna ekonomiskt, socialt och politiskt. De utgör inte längre något hot i regionen mot ett Stor-Israel. Libyen bombades till grus och kaotiskt klanvälde från en rik och välfungerande stat och nation. Libyens förstörelse var ett verk av Nobels fredspristagare Barack Obama och med svenskt spaningsflyg inblandat. När skall någon ärlig reporter granska de krigsbrott Sverige medverkade till i Libyen.

Dödandet av general Soleiman passar väl in inrikespolitiskt både i USA och i Israel. I Israels fall också geo-politiskt. Med dödandet av general Soleimani har en intelligent, kraftfull och ledande fiende eliminerats. Det gynnar sannolikt Netanyahu. Lyckas inte Netanyahu bli omvald riskerar han att hamna i fängelse för korruption. General Soleimani var sannolikt Israels fiende nummer 1 med de kontakter och det militära ledarskap han utövade i regionen. USA:s dödande av generalen Soleimani låg därmed tydligt i Israels intresse. President Trump lär också få ökat stöd inrikespolitiskt av aktionen och blir med säkerhet omvald som president.


11 november 2019


För en gångs skull en helt korrekt krönika av Jan Guillou. Artikeln behandlar det historiska faktum att det var USA som skapade och beväpnade al-Qaida liksom också beväpnandet av Islamiska staten och muslimska jihadister i Libyen. Faktum är att den ende president från och med Jimmy Carter som inte startat krig är Donald J Trump. Fredspristagaren Barack Obama startade tre krig som ex i fallet Libyen med svenskt flygstöd medförde att man förstörde en fungerande stat under Muammar Khaddafi. Libyen lades i grus och är nu ett dysfunktionellt klanvälde. Trump valde att överge kurderna – som är terrorister och mellanösterns zigenare – och överlämna dem till Turkiets Erdogan. Upprört hela det svenska MSM.

Ingen stat har varit den islamistiska terrorismen så behjälplig som USA och dess regeringar, från president Jimmy Carter och framåt.


14 oktober 2019

DDR hade en statlig myndighet – ett propagandaministerium – som svarade för den kommunistiska maktens propaganda och vinklade information till medborgarna. Den svenska socialdemokratin har varit betydligt skickligare än DDR. Istället för ett statligt propagandaministerium – som alla förstår vad det är – har man ordnat en skattefinansierad organisation som officiellt går under namnen Sveriges television (SVT) och Sveriges Radio (SR). Genom tillsättandet av chefer som vet rollen och väljer ”journalister” som i sin tur vet sin roll har man skapat ett propagandaministerium under namnet ”public service” med grund i en socialistisk/marxistisk identitetsideologi och med den grundläggande uppgiften att sprida maktens ukaser och budskap och förvilla sanning och fakta. De flesta svenskar tror fortfarande på allvar att SVT och SR står för sanning, objektivitet och neutralitet. Hur lurade och indoktrinerade är inte dessa medborgare? Skickligt spelat av socialdemokratin och deras lydpartier! Man tackar. Offentlig service. Tredje statsmakten. Ja, statsmakten! För vadå? Service att sprida maktens vinklade budskap med grund i en PK-ideologi.


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s letter to Kurz: Austria’s citizens support politics based on Christian values.

05 oktober 2019

October 1, 2019 1:03 PM

In a message Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated Sebastian Kurz, Chairman of the Austrian People’s Party on the “convincing victory” achieved in the Austrian federal parliamentary elections.

“This result – which also amounts to a clear mandate of government for you and your party – clearly indicates once again that Austria’s citizens support the consistent line of politics which is based on Christian values and provides stability for them,” Mr Orbán wrote, adding that he sincerely hopes that they will be able to continue their cooperation based on these common values in the interest of enhancing the region’s competitiveness and creating a European Union built upon strong nations”.

“I wish you the very best with the coalition talks ahead of you,” the Hungarian Prime Minister wrote in conclusion.

Website of the Hungarian Government

Trump i FN: ”Framtiden tillhör inte globalister – den tillhör patrioter”

25 september 2019

Publicerad 24 september 2019 på FRIA TIDER

Donald Trump fördömde kommunister och invandringsvurmare när han talade i FN på tisdagen. Det var ett tal som genomsyrades av nationalism.

Under tisdagen talade USA:s president Donald Trump inför FN:s generalförsamling i New York.

Det var ett tal som hyllade nationalism och fördömde globalism.

– Liksom mitt älskade land har varje nation representerad i denna sal en ärofylld historia, en kultur och ett arv som är värt att försvara och hylla och som ger oss vår enskilda potential och styrka. Den fria världen måste omfamna sitt nationella fundament. Inga försök får göras för att radera eller ersätta det, sade han.

Den amerikanska presidenten kritiserade massinvandring och uppmanade länder att skydda sina gränser och sitt folk.

– När man undergräver gränssäkerheten undergräver man mänskliga rättigheter och värdighet, sade Trump.

– Många länder här idag har stora utmaningar med okontrollerad invandring. Men var och en av er har den absoluta rätten att skydda era gränser. Och det gör naturligtvis mitt land också.

– Över hela denna fantastiska planet är sanningen öppen att beskåda. Om du vill ha frihet, var stolt över ditt land. Om du vill ha demokrati, håll fast vid din suveränitet. Och om du vill ha fred, älska ditt land. Kloka ledare sätter alltid sitt folk och sitt land först.

– Framtiden tillhör inte globalister utan framtiden tillhör patrioter. Framtiden tillhör suveräna och självständiga nationer, som skyddar sina medborgare, respekterar sina grannar och hedrar de egenskaper som gör varje land unikt, förklarade presidenten.

Han hade också ett meddelande till vänsteraktivister och invandringsvurmare.

– Socialism och kommunism handlar inte om rättvisa. Det handlar inte om jämlikhet. Det handlar inte om att lyfta de fattiga. Och det handlar verkligen inte om landets bästa. Socialism och kommunism handlar bara om en sak: makt för den härskande klassen.

– USA kommer aldrig bli socialistiskt. Socialism och kommunism har dödat 100 miljoner människor, påpekade han.

– I dag har jag ett meddelande till de öppna gränser-aktivister som sveper in sig själva i en retorik av social rättvisa: Er policy är inte rättvis, den är grym och ond.


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