Belgium seems, as a nation, to lack national pride and confidence not to say self-esteem, self-awareness and self-preservation. In national social disarray they are in the same league as Sweden! One small example, Brussels have named a public square the official name “Patrick Lumumba Square.”

Most of you might not remember Patrick Lumumba! I do! Lumumba is a political actor in a power struggle in Kongo ultimately leading to an upheaval ending in the take down of the great Dag Hammarskjöld. Patrick Lumumba was a leader of a violent “liberation movement”, a socialist and most likely a communist that in the end were executed by his own blacks in Katanga in a power struggle. No exemplary role model for Europe and Europeans! Not by any stretch of the meaning!

Europe civilized Africa during an important historical period but are now in a deeply disturbing and challenging process letting African culture and values enter Europe from their backward societies, ideology and history.

Can anyone name one university I Africa that would rank as a top university? Can anyone name one invention technical, scientific or cultural that has entered the civilized world from Africa. The world civilization has three main, generally speaking, geographical roots South East Asia/China, India and Europe! The provoking but empirical truth! The average IQ south of the Sahara is 70, seventy! Europe around 100, South East Asia 110.  Nothing but backwardness  in all possible interpretations and a welfare driven mass migration comes from Africa!

“When the British arrived in Africa, they found primitive tribal societies. When they departed, they left behind roads, railways, telephone and telegraph systems, farms, factories, fisheries, mines, trained police, and a civil service”! (Patrick J Buchanan) And one might add, a civilized society, at least of sorts. Primitive tribal societies STILL exists in Africa.

Marxist theory from Vladimir Illich Lenin’s pamphlet ”On Imperialism” on to David Horowitz (now a conservative who abandoned the Marxist ideology) focused on imperialism and colonialism as the causal factor explaining economic and social underdevelopment. Capital accumulation in Europe thru exploitation of the Third World/Africa is the main factor according to the mainstream Marxist theory!

What European colonialism as a matter of fact did was as a major contribution to the civilization and development of Africa. That does not mean that I underestimate oppression, atrocities and hardships during colonial rule, irrespective of European colonial power. That side of colonialism are deeply and empirically analyzed into the smallest detail.  That is not being denied here, but the historical record just got to be balanced! What needs to be said is that Europe’s historical role was to lift Africa from underdevelopment into prosperity and development.

There are, unfortunately, today regimes in Africa that are doing their utmost to tear down what was once built by Europeans. The best and most striking example are of course Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe! Zimbabwe has gone from prosperity in the African context to real poverty, regression and underdevelopment. The Republic of South Africa, another striking example, are now entering the road to perdition as black violent gangs, with the silent approval of communist ANC, are killing, raping, torturing and taking over farms from the white Boer families. The Boer families are still an important farming class in South Africa and providing agricultural products feeding the South African population. The blacks taking over the Boer farms are lacking proper education and knowledge on how to run the farms. As a predictable consequence the Republic of South Africa are now heading towards severe shortage of agricultural products and food! In Western media nothing is reported about the black persecution of whites! Have you, in Swedish media, read anything about the black atrocities against white farmers? No? Why? Because, from the point of view of the leftist media,  it is the wrong people that are doing it. Black gangs are going after white farmers! Racism, of course, but a sort of racism that does not fit into mainstream identity politics and their perception of blacks, ANC and South Africa!

If you look at the empirical facts, without Marxist blinders, you will find that the countries that were exposed to colonialism are the most advanced and those countries that were left alone are the most backward. So, the Marxist thesis on imperialist and colonial  exploitation as cause of underdevelopment is refuted.

What about the future? Sadly, it does not look very promising! Finally another quotation from Patrick J. Buchanan’s brilliantly written book “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War. How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World.”

“As a share of world population, peoples of European ancestry have been shrinking for three generations. The character of every Western nation is being irremediably altered as each undergoes an unresisted invasion from the Third World. We are slowly disappearing from the Earth.

Having lost the will to rule, Western man seems to be losing the will to live as a unique civilization as he feverishly indulges in La Dolce Vita, with a yawning indifference as to who might inherit the Earth he once ruled.”


Patrick J. Buchanan. Senior advisor to three American presidents. Ran twice for the Republican presidential nomination, 1992 and 1996. Written nine bestselling books on different political and geo-political subjects!





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