I am appalled and bewildered by the political and main stream media debate around Europe about the Islamic terrorism that haunts our societies today!

The denial of a causal relationships between Islam and todays terrorism is unanimous among our leaders. Barack Obama, Stefan Löfvén, Angela Merkle and David Cameron, among many others, all insure us that the terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. “Islam is a peaceful religion”! That is the mantra they all repeat! And, should I add, with less and less credibility.

Let’s look at the facts! Salman Rushdie wrote a book “The satanic verses”, some thirty years ago. The Government of Iran (ayatollah Khomeini) instigated a fatwa against Salman Rushdie including an explicit death sentence. The author then lived with around the clock surveillance and security guards for more than ten years.

Islamic mass-demonstrations, including burning of the book, in Muslim countries and elsewhere demanded that Salman Rushdie be killed for what he had written in a society with free press and free speech. He rightly utilized his Constitutional right in his home country! What else is there to be said? Why are politicians and media excepting Muslim countries interfering with the Constitutional legislation in a free western society? Geo-politics? Turn a blind eye? Outright stupidity? By the way! The Swedish Academy refused to condemn the fatwa! Not one of their finest moments. It will never be forgotten!

So much for Islam as a peaceful religion!

But, let’s move on with the facts. In Sweden we have a least two deadly, with innocent bystanders as victims, assault on the society under the war-cry “Allahu Akbar! Denmark experienced Muslim terrorist attacks against a newspaper under the same war-cry!

Great Britain, France and Germany have all experienced several deadly terrorist attacks under the war-cry Allahu Akbar! With a lot of innocent people brutally murdered!

But, the above-mentioned leaders keep repeating the mantra. “The attacks have nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion”. They may believe it! Most people I meet do not!

Even if they look at actual on the spot filmed terror crimes, where a Muslim cut the throat of an innocent person crying out with fanatic anger Allahu Akbar, they deny the causal instigating link to Islam.

Maybe it is the western societies that are to blame? Or maybe the intellectual critics of Islam? Maybe the Islamophobics? Whoever they are? Or maybe the ultra conservatives or the right-wing populist movements?

After denial of the obvious causal instigating factor the same leaders and their propaganda ministerium on public service – like in Sweden – have their own set of “explanations”.

Their “explanation” contains a combination of different socioeconomic factors; poverty, unemployment, bad housing, bad schooling, families with absent fathers, violent and criminal suburbs, bad influence from other members of the sub-cultural societies, weak citizenships, and so on and so forth.

Alright, all these factors may have something to do with the emergence and production of fully radicalized Muslim terrorists!

I am willing to debate that too.

But I demand that our leaders and media admit, describe and analyze the fundamental factor without which no Muslim terrorist would emerge from our sub-societies! Islam! And that’s that!


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