Republican President Donald Trumps controversial and debatable pardoning of former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio has been widely reviewed in Swedish media including what is generally called Public Service, and rightly so!

An interesting task for anyone interested in publishing policies in Swedish media, including Public Service, is to compare Republican President Trump pardoning decisions with former Democratic President Bill Clintons pardoning record.

The internationally corrupt Democratic Clinton Family – thru “The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation” and “The Clinton Library” – are rarely covered and critically reviewed in Swedish media. I will get back to the question on how and why Foreign Government and Business made Bill and Hillary Clinton immensely rich in a coming essay.

Today we will dwell on Democratic president Bill Clintons pardoning decisions on his last days as president of the US. There are several names and examples to pick from, Anheuser-Busch Companies, William A. Brandt Jr, Dr. Richard Machado Gonzales and Marc Rich.

I will use the last name as a striking example. President Bill Clinton pardoned oil trader and financier Marc Rich a billionaire tax fugitive. Indicted on numerous occasions by US prosecutors for tax evasion, he had fled the country. He owed 48 million dollars in back taxes and faced a possible 325 years in prison. He was on FBI´s list Most Wanted! His last day in office, Democratic President Bill Clinton shamelessly pardoned Marc Rich which sent shockwaves thru Washington.

The pardoning came after Denise Rich donated 100 000 US dollars to Hillary Clintons Senate campaign, 450 000 US dollars to the Clinton Library and 1 million US dollars to the Democratic Party. Examples of this kind are numerous and goes on and on!

The New York Times saw the pardoning as an “outrageous abuse of pardoning power.” Former President Jimmy Carter called it “disgraceful”! The Washington Post wrote that is was a “defining characteristic as they (the Clintons) have no capacity for embarrassment.”
On the other hand, both Clintons are lawyers and thus have a capacity for avoiding the line of unlawful actions.

Were there any in depth coverage of Democratic president Bill Clintons infamous decisions in Swedish media / Public Service? My impression is that the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, are almost sacrosanct in Swedish media and politics. That´s why I will get back to the subject; The totally corrupt Democratic Clinton family!


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