A very interesting country! I have only been to Canada once, a visit to Toronto (I saw Borje Salming in two games in the old Maple Leaf Gardens while he was still playing and a hero in Toronto) followed by a visit to Niagara Falls and the highlands.

I am not well read in Canadian politics, so this is not a comment on that subject.

Two things though, makes me grateful to Canada.


Canada has given us the greatest team-sports in the world! To my mind! Hockey! Surpasses football in all possible ways! Action, drama, excitement you name it…


Canada recently produced a political monster like Bill 16 (which is not a very honorable part of canadian politics)! But it also produced an intellectual role model like the professor in clinical psychology Jordan B Peterson. Today his YouTube lectures and debates are seen by close to a hundred million people in all the civilized world. He truly is a hope for a better world where we have defeated the postmodernist political correctness ideology that has spread like anthrax and taken over universities not only in Canada but in the US, Europe and Sweden. From the universities the decease has spread it´s poison of fake news, systematical lying and tampering with empirical evidence, to big media and big politics.

If the old historical observation, that a single person can change history, holds some truth, Jordan B Peterson might very well be an example.

To keep my mental health intact, in this fake news/twisted evidence media and political landscape, a daily antidote of 15 minutes with Jordan B Peterson is a must!

Have a great day all my friends!


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