No guru grows to heaven! No world leading intellectual is without fault!

There are some disturbing information and questions – if true – on the internet about Jordan B Peterson! Or, maybe it is a maskirovka to destroy Jordan B Peterson? These are serious questions not the anti-intellectual types of Annie Lööfs “I do not agree” or the Swedish Secretary of State Margot Wallströms outright dumb “he is not interesting.”

First Jordan B Peterson argued that Bret Kavanaugh should step down voluntarily from his appointment by the President of the US Donald J Trump as Judge in the US Supreme Court. The reason being that one woman lied (as it turned out afterwards) about sexual harassment and another women put out unsubstantiated (according to an FBI investigation) allegations of the same sort!

Jordan B Peterson may now have backed down from this position. Anyway, his first position caused a lot of surprised and disappointed – to say the least – reactions among his friends.

Now, there is information on the internet about Jordan B Peterson giving a speech and holding conversations at a Trilateral Commission open meeting. The Trilateral Commission is a major globalist lobby organization supported by the major financial tycoons in the US and Europe.

Jordan B Peterson is also supposed to have given a speech about scientific truth at a Monsanto conference.

Maybe Jordan B Peterson is being co-opted by major multinational and financial companies. That happens all too often with politicians! Maybe he does not understand or is naïve about the organizations in question. He is a clinical psychologist not a politician or a social scientist! Maybe he is trying to change them from inside? Could be a naïve explanation?

We do not know! Jordan B Peterson is interviewed in hard talks in all the world’s major media. I think it is time for some journalist to start asking questions about these events. What was the speech about? What were the conversations about? What about other events in Jordan B Petersons track record? It is truly appropriate for Jordan B Peterson to come forth and explain himself!

No one can deny the achievements of Jordan B Peterson. He often says he is very careful about his speech and the way he uses words! How can he then attend and give speeches at organizations like Monsanto and The Trilateral Commission? We need answers and explanations!

I hope some of my FB friends can shed some light on these troubling questions or prove them false altogether! Because if the bits of information quoted above are true it is not a merit on Jordan B Petersons CV. Or, maybe they should not be taken so seriously but regarded as mistakes of a type we all make! Even JBP should be allowed mistakes! It would be satisfying though with some clarifications!



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